Hummingbird GPS Tripmeter Remote HMGT0300


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The Hummingbird GPS Trip Meter Remote replaces the standard external reset switch and adds extra functionality for users who regularly need to pre-set trips, change direction or otherwise interact with the trip-meter

The remote is shipped with a new power adapter so that installation is as easy as plugging the remote in to the trip-meter, enabling it and selecting the operation of key in the menu.

The remote is compatible with all HMGT1000C and HMGT5000 Trip-meters. Software variants below revision 1-2-1 will need a software upgrade. Please contact Hummingbird Electronics to arrange an upgrade to the latest software variant. Check the software version on your trip-meter via the menu.

Functions include:
• Reset trip A
• Activate freeze functions
• Change direction (forward/reverse)
• Programmable function key
• short-cut to pre-set A
• short-cut to pre-set B
• reset trip B
• numerical keypad for data entry
• Pre-setting a trip with the remote control is as easy as pressing the key and then entering the desired value with the numerical keypad