Wile 26 is a digital moisture meter for dry hay, silage and haylage. Wile 26 measures silage moisture up to 70%. The maximum bale density is 440 kg/m3.

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The Wile 26 moisture meter is based on the capacitive measuring method which has proven to be the most accurate means of measurement when measuring the moisture content of hay and grass. With its uniquely wide measurement range the Wile 26 is suitable for the measurement of both dry hay and silage.

The moisture content of hay, especially loose hay varies substantially this is why the reliable measurement of the moisture content requires several sample measurements of which the average value can be used as the result. The Wile 26 stores the results in its memory and calculates the average automatically.

The density of the hay or silage also affects the measurement result. This is why the Wile 26 incorporates a density setting for the measurement of bales.

By the help of the optional temperature probe the Wile 26 can be used for measuring the temperature of stored hay or silage or many other commodities used on the farm.

Wile 26 Features

● Wide measurement range

● baled hay 10 – 73% moisture

● loose hay 13 – 85% moisture


● +/-2% moisture in normal conditions

● Temperature measurement range with the Wile-651 probe 0-60°C

● Easy to read alphanumeric display

● Bale density compensation applied to the reading

● Scales can be adjusted by user to match the oven test

● Measurement by pushing a single button

● Automatic power off

Box Contains

  • Wile 26 Moisture Meter
  • Wile 251 Probe
  • Carry Case
Measurement probes (sold separately):
•    Wile 251 probe 45 cm (18”) for compact bales
•    Wile 253 dish probe for loose hay in a bucket
•    Wile 651L Temperature Probe