100m Steel Ruler Water Level Meter



Steel Ruler Water Level Meter – 100 Meter

P/N: DIP100

Steel ruler water level gauge is the most accurate way to measure the water level, usually used to
measure water levels in wells, boreholes and water level pipes, especially suitable for the observation
of groundwater level in hydropower projects or the manual inspection of the dam body saturation line
of earth-rock dams. The instrument can be used during the period or as a long-term safety monitoring
of the project.

Steel ruler water level gauge consists of probe, steel ruler cable, receiving system and Winder.

Probe:Made of stainless steel,Install water resistance contact point inside.When the contact point touches the water surface, the receiving system is turned on, when the contact point leaves the
water, the receiving system is automatically turned off.

Steel ruler cable:The steel ruler and the wire are combined into one by plastic technology, It
not only prevents the steel ruler from rusting, but also simplifies the operation process. The reading is
more convenient and accurate.

Receiving system part: composed of a sounder and a test button, The sounder emits a
continuous beep from the buzzer. there is one test button on the front panel, which mainly test
whether the entire receiving system works properly.

Reel Panel: composed of a winding disc and a bracket,The receiving system and battery
compartment are placed on the front of the reel panel,winding steel ruler cable。

Specifications                             50          100          150            200           300

Measuring depth(M)              0-50       0-100       0-150       0-200       0-300

Minimum reading(mm)        1.0

Repeatable reading(mm)      ±1.0

Operating Voltage(V)            DC 9V(6F22)