Agrologic Chick Scale 103



The Chick Scale 103 is a portable low cost manual weighing scale for poultry farms. It runs on rechargeable batteries that can last up to 8 hours.


The unit weights each bird hanged on the scale and gives the following information: • average weight of all the birds, standard deviation and the CV • number of birds weighed  • gives the histogram with 25 gram increment +/- 1KG around the average weight.

Chick Scale 103 can store in its internal memory up to 9 different batches.
All information may be recalled at the unit itself or downloaded to a PC with the included PC program.

Technical Specification:
Maximum Weight: 10 kg  Precision: 5 gr.  Display:  4 digits  Alimentation: 220V or rechargeable batteries  Option: USB output to PC