Hummingbird Electronics’ Mini GPS Odometer Sender is a calibration free speed sender that provides distance travelled information in an independent manner. As there is no physical connection to sensitive vehicle sender or CAN-bus systems, vehicle warranties are unaffected by the use of this unit.

Using the data received from the Global Positioning Satellite network, the GPS Odometer Sender calculates three dimensional ground speed and provides a pulsed output compatible with existing mechanical speed senders. This state of art solution eradicates the dependency on vehicle specific parameters, thereby reducing installation time and eradicating the need for calibration and recalibration.


Additional Information – HMGM5000B

Designed for harsh automotive environments, the module features transient voltage protection on the supply and short circuit protected outputs.

A 51 channel acquisition engine with the ability to track 14 satellites simultaneously; enhanced receiver sensitivity and active antenna results in fast time-to-first-velocity-calculation as well as the ability to operate in the harshest RF environments such as canyons and cities.

Last known position and satellite information critical to fast-start up are saved in case of power failure.

Three dimensional velocity calculations are accurate to 0.2km/h and pulse output rates are updated 5 times per second.

Compensation is provided for inaccuracies in pulse output that may occur due to loss of lock in tunnels and similar complex RF terrains. The proprietary compensation algorithm uses the positions at which lock was lost and then re-gained to estimate lost distance, which is then compensated for by increasing the output pulse rate until the lost distance has been regained.

The GPS Odometer Sender is supplied with a bulkhead mount antenna.

Mini GPS Odometer Sender is supplied in an ABS plastic enclosure that has been designed to be so small that it can be incorporated in the wiring loom of most installations. Antenna connection for the active antenna is provided through a gold plated threaded SMA connector. The antenna is water proof and is protected against UV radiation. The bulkhead mount antenna supplied is suitable for exterior mount, for example on the roof of the cab. Power to the unit and pulse outputs are provided through four colour coded wires.

For optimum performance, the antenna should be mounted horizontally and upright; and should have a clear view of the sky.

A red/green LED is provided to give the user status information. At power ON, the LED will begin to flash red at 2Hz, indicating that the unit has power and is searching for satellite. When satellite have been acquired, the LED will remain red ON. The LED will flash green when the vehicle is moving.

  • Pulse rate: 5000 (The pulse rate will be increased during lost distance catch up)
  • General: 14 channel tracking receiver
  • Update rate: 5Hz
  • Accuracy, horizontal: < 5m (50%), < 8 (90%)
  • Accuracy, altitude: < 10m (50%), < 16 m (90%)
  • Precision, velocity: < 0.06m/sec = 0.22km/h
  • Acquisitions, after loss of lock: < 2s (90%)
  • Acquisitions, first time power applied: < 38s (50%), < 42s (90%)
  • Acquisitions, temporary loss of power: < 10s (50%), < 13s (90%)

Electrical Characteristics

  • Input voltage: 9V to 36V
  • Power consumption: 43mA at 12V; 21mA at 24V typical
  • Output pulse: square wave, peak to peak Vin
  • Output pulse: maximum current drain: 25mA

Physical Characteristics

  • 46mm (L), 20mm (W), 12mm (H)
  • Antenna: 51mm (L), 42mm (W), 14mm (H)
  • Antenna cable length: 3-5m

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Storage temperature: -55°C to +105°C
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% R.H.

Interface Specifications

Power and pulse output:

  • Red input voltage (9V to 36V)
  • Black ground (0V)
  • Green pulse output ( Pek to peak Vin)
  • Blue inverted pulse output

RF interface

  • SMA (compatible connector supplied with antenna)