The FG2003 is a deluxe function generator combined with a 5 digit, high resolution 60 MHz counter


Additional Information – FG2003


  • The FG2003 is a deluxe function generator combined with a 5 digit, high resolution 60 MHz counter
  • FG2003 is a 4-in-1 instrument: Function Generator, Pulse Generator, Sweep Generator, Frequency Counter
  • Function Generator: 6 waveforms selected by rotary switch instead of push button, to prevent miss-touch or bad connection. Maximum output 20Vp-p (No-load) and Minimum Output 0.1Vp-p (No-load)
  • Pulse Generator: FG2003 provides positive pulse and negative pulse output, Maximum output 20Vp-p (No-load). Frequency is displayed by LEDs, pulse width is from 0.4sec to 100ns. This will meet most of your audio, video and other basic electronic application requirements
  •  Sweep Generator: FG2003 provides linear sweep or log sweep selection switch to select the sweep mode. Maximum sweep width is 1:100 and sweep speed is from 5sec to 10ms. The FG2003 also provides VCF input and synchronous Output Function
  • Frequency Counter: The FG2003 has a 5 digit micro controlled counter. FG2003 features include auto ranging, auto gate time, high resolution 0.001Hz, high input impedance 1MΩ, and high bandwidth 0.2Hz~60MHz. FG2003 also provides triggering features such as an adjustable trigger ±2.5V with LED indicator, AC/DC selector, 100 KHz filter, and input attenuator input x 20 for 300Vrms high voltage signal. The unit will also display the frequency of the signal produced by the function generator


Frequency: 0.5 Hz ~ 3 MHz with 5 digit LED display, Max. resolution 0.001 Hz in 6 steps.

Waveform: Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Positive Pulse and Negative Pulse; 6 waveforms total.


0.1 % ~ 15 minutes after power-on.

0.2 % ~ 24 hrs after power-on.

Display: 5 digits 0.36″ red LED.

Max. Resolution: 0.001 Hz.

Display Unit: Hz / KHz Automatically controlled by CPU.

Limits of Operation: 0° ~ 40° C, 10 ~ 80 %R.H.

Power Consumption: 25 W.

Power Source:

AC 115 V (10%) 50/60 Hz, FUSE:600 mA

AC 230 V (10%) 50/60 Hz, FUSE:300 mA

Ventilation: DC 12 V / 100 mA Fan.

Dimension 275 x 90 x 300 mm.

Weight: 2.5 Kg

Standard Accessories: Power cord & Operation Manual