• Lightweight and portable
  • 77% more light gathering capability than 60mm
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Excellent choice for beginners
  • 5 years Sky-Watcher limited warranty

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Sky-Watcher 80/400 AZ3 Refractor Telescope

PN: SW804AZ3

The Sky-Watcher 80/400 Refractor Telescope is a two-element, air-spaced, fully multi-coated objective, achromatic refractor. It allows you to view detailed vistas of star fields, clusters, nebulae, planets and other celestial bodies. It makes a fine terrestrial telescope when mounted on an alt-azimuth mount. The compressed length of the telescope makes it convenient for it to be packed up and stored away while not in use or in transit.

Great For Beginners
The AZ3 mount on the scope is not only easy to use but it is also easy to set up. Supplied with the sturdy and easy to use AZ3 alt-azimuth mount, which provides excellent stability and precise control, via its fine tracking adjustment knobs, on both the horizontal (azimuth) and vertical (altitude) axes, this Sky-Watcher 102/500 AZ3 is also used as a daytime terrestrial telescope.

Fully Multi-Coated Objective Lens
This 80/400 Sky-Watcher Telescope has an 80mm aperture size, providing plenty of light gathering ability for a beginner. You will be able to view the Moon, planets, star clusters and other deep sky objects with crisp, bright clarity. Featuring an 45° image erecting diagonal, you can also view terrestrial objects during the day. When you combine the fast focal ratio with a digital camera, you will be able to get a wider field of view with standard eyepieces

In the Box:

  • 80mm Achromatic Refractor
  • AZ3 Mount with Aluminium Tripod
  • Fine Tracking Adjustments Knobs
  • 2 Eyepieces Super 10mm (40x) & Super 20mm (20x) – 1.25″ Barrel
  • Finderscope 6×30
  • 45° Erect Image Diagonal – 1.25″ Barrel
  • Instruction Manual


Model SW804AZ3
Optical design Multicoated Achromatic Refractor
Aperture 80mm
Focal Length 400mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Resolving Power 1.50″
Stellar Limit Magnitude 11.9
Highest Practical Magnification 160x
Light gathering power (compared to the unaided eye) 131
Focuser Diameter 1.25″
Total weight 9 kg
Recommended Usage Viewing Moon and PlanetsNature viewing

All Sky-Watcher products have a 5 year manufacturer warranty.