VDO SingleViu SPEEDOMETER 0-120KM/H 85mm A2C3832910030


85mm electrical 12/24V 0-120km/h speedometer.


85mm 0-120km/h SingleViu Speedometer

SingleViu® covers all the applications of previous instruments and offers a coherent and flexible solution with state-of-the-art technology.

SingleViu® instruments support both digital CAN bus transmission and traditional analogue sensors.

General characteristics

• Compatibility with 2 type of signals: analogue and CAN SAEJ-1939
• Anti-fog and anti-reflective glass
• Operating Voltage 12V/24V
• Selectable RGB backlight colour
• Illumination colours of dial and LCD can be set separately
• Up to 5 telltales
• Warning thresholds to trigger the internal telltale
• “Plug and Play” gauges

• Homologation UN-ECE and CE

Mechanical characteristics

• Bezel: black, metal, triangular profile
• Fixing with spinlock nut 52, 80/85, 100mm
• The 80mm gauges can be also placed in 85mm holes
• Outer lens in mineral glass
• Flame-resistant housing
• Protection class IP 67 (Front and rear with connector)
• Operating temperature: from-40 to +80 °C / LCD: from -20 to +80°C

Size: 85mm
Illumination: Amber
Make: SingleViu®
Model: Speedometers
Range: 0-120km/h


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