Add a temperature/humidity sensor with 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield to your Vantage Pro2 system. Use with the Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter Kit for flexibility in siting options.


Add flexibility in siting options

Site a temperature/humidity sensor where you want it, even if that location is not ideal for the transmitter, such as within an orchard’s canopy. This sensor comes with a 25 foot (7.6 meter) cable which allows you to plug it into an Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter Kit mounted separately from the sensor.

Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield ensures most accurate readings

Features both temperature and humidity sensors inside a 24-Hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield. The fan constantly draws air in over the sensor giving you highly accurate temperature readings even during steep temperature changes such dusk or dawn. The shield protects the sensors from solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected heat.

Perfect for installations where steep temperature gradients are common and where winds are low. If your installation does not have steep temperature gradients or low wind, consider the Temperature/Humidity Sensor with passive radiation shield.

Accurate, high performance sensors

The temperature sensor’s accuracy is ±0.5°F (±0,3°C) from -40° to 150°F (-40° to 65°C)

The humidity sensor’s accuracy is ±2%.

Data updates every 10 seconds.

Powerful 24-hour fan

Fan provides aspiration rate of 190 feet/minute in full sun. On battery only, aspiration rate is 80 feet/minute.

Supercapacitor and back-up batteries keep fan running 24 hours a day.


Motor-driven fan with solar panel and back-up batteries for 24 hour power.

Temperature and humidity sensors with a  25 foot (7,6 meter) cable.

Hardware for mounting on a fence post or pole


Requires a transmitter station, such as the Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter Kit, and a receiver, such as  a wireless Vantage Pro2  console, Vantage Connect or Weather Envoy.