Temperature measurements are one of the most essential elements of quality control in the food industry. But there are two conditions which have to be met. They have to be fast and they have to be reliable.

The testo 108 digital food thermometer ticks the box on both counts. It is fast. It is reliable. And there are added benefits too…

  • Ideal for all sectors of the food industry. From buying to transport, from storage to production and control
  • Protective softcase and type T thermocouple probe sensor included
  • Super fast measurements, super reliable readings
  • Easy to use with self-explanatory keys and large, easy-to-read display. No need for lengthy instructions
  • Hygienic: softcase and food thermometer/sensor can be easily cleaned under running water
  • HACCP and EN 13485 compliant

Areas of application for the testo 108 digital food thermometer

Ideal for use during transport or storage of food, in restaurants, canteen kitchens or system catering: the testo 108 digital food thermometer enables you to integrate your temperature measurements effortlessly into your daily routine while making sure that the quality of your food complies with HACCP regulations.


General technical data
Reaction time 10 s (measured in moving liquid)
Dimensions 140 x 60 x 24.5 mm
Operating temperature -20 to +60 °C
Housing ABS / ABS-PC fibre glass 10%
Protection class IP67 with TopSafe
Measuring rate 2 measurements per second
Standards EN 13485
EU-/EG-guidelines 2004/108/EG
Warranty 2 years
Battery type 3 AAA micro batteries
Battery life 2500 h (typical, at 23 °C)
Display type LCD
Display size one-line
Display function with status line
Storage temperature -30 to +70 °C
Weight 150 g (instrument incl. battery, without soft case)