Single transmitter for Hummingbird’s RF Battery Monitor

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Note: This is only the transmitter for the RF Battery Monitor System. If looking for the whole system, please click here.

The RF Battery Monitor measures battery voltage of up to four remote batteries and and displays it on a remote colour screen.  Alarm levels can be set such that the unit warns the user with a screen colour change and an optional buzzer.  Both minimum and maximum alarm voltages can be set by using the keypad in conjunction with an on-screen menu.  Batteries can be given names that are relevant to the application.

The RF Battery Monitor uses a long range RF technology meaning that communication is reliable in all configuration of car and trailer.Ultra-low power voltage transmitters are able to be left permanently connected to batteries and do not need to be switched off when not in use. Both 12V and 24V batteries can be monitored.


Installation is as simple as attaching the red and black terminals on the transmitter to the battery that needs to be monitored and plugging the receiver into a cigarette lighter socket.  The receiver can also be permanently powered if desired.

Performance Specifications

  • RF Frequency: 433MHz
  • Range: 100m line of sight

Electrical Characteristics

  • Input voltage: 9V to 36V
  • Power consumption: Transmitter: Typical 0.05mA (50 microamps)

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 46mm (L), 20mm (W), 12mm (H)