The LogTag USB Cradle/dock/reader and the LogTag Analyser software allow you to easily read and analyse the temperature and humidity recordings from your LogTag Loggers.


To configure LogTags and read the results you require a reader (cradle) and software.

LogTag Analyser is the comprehensive solution for LogTag data analysis and configuration. This easy to use Windows software allows you to configure your LogTag, including setting alarm thresholds and the data capture interval. When you have captured some readings, all data can be easily downloaded to the software and graphed and annotated in a variety of formats.

Software Features

  • Automatic download of results when LogTag Logger is connected
  • Configuration of LogTag Logger, including batch configuration
  • Display results in multiple chart formats
  • Reports and summaries
  • Store results on computer for later use
  • Automatic emailing and upload of results

Reader/Cradle Features

    • Easy to use
    • Robust

NOTE: LogTag readers/loggers sold separately.