Tru-Test S3 Loadbar System


A rugged, waterproof and fully portable weigh scale indicator.

A multi-purpose load bar that can be used under cattle platforms, sheep crates and wool presses.


Tru-Test S3 Loadbar System.

Bluetooth enabled connectivity which allows you to record animal weights and configure settings using the MiHub Data Link app.


Highly visible display. The high contrast display is clearly visible on the brightest day and the LED backlit screen ensures visibility in failing light or dark sheds.

Simple user interface. Only two clearly visible buttons, on/off and zero. Other settings are easily accessible on the MiHub Data Link mobile app or Data Link PC software.

SuperdampTM III technology. Capture accurate live weights more quickly than any other weigh scale indicator on the market.

Bluetooth® Low Energy technology. Record weights and configure settings using the MiHub Data Link mobile app or Data Link PC program.

Record weights using the MiHub Data Link mobile app.The S3 weigh scale indicator connects to MiHub Data Link to easily record weights and visual ID numbers. These are automatically available in MiHub Livestock Management, or can be emailed or shared via other apps.

Long life and fast charging internal battery. Up to 20 hours of run time and only 6 hours to recharge.

Rugged IP67 enclosure. To withstand the toughest environments


Tru-Test load bars are recognised for their rugged durability and performance in harsh environments.

The internal cells are made from aircraft grade aluminium and are fully sealed to keep out moisture. Heavy duty TPR/PVC cables are a standard feature, which minimise the likelihood of cable damage.

For cattle crushes /crates the Heavy Duty load bars or Extra Heavy Duty load cells should be used.

CABLE LENGTH                         5 m
RESOLUTION                             Fine mode: 0.1 kg (0.2 lb) when used with Tru-Test weigh scale indicators. Normal: 0.5 kg (1 lb)
TOTAL CAPACITY                     2,000 kg
NOMINAL LENGTH                 600 mm
ACCURACY                                 ±1% or two resolutions, whichever is greater
WEIGHT                                      13.5 kg (pair)